Musser: Architects, Inc. performs a wide variety of forensic architectural services for Clients who own existing buildings. These services typically involve listening to complaints about the building, analyzing the probable causes of the complaint (which may involve some disassembly of the structure or building component in question), and developing a cost-effective solution. A high percentage of complaints are due to water intrusion through roofs, walls, and windows. Our experience with a wide variety of building types has exposed us to a myriad of poorly designed and inadequately executed details. In buildings of an older vintage, we also are often dealing with the results of neglected long-term maintenance. The challenge is to employ details that correct the deficiencies while minimizing the intrusion into the rest of the building structure and components. We are often faced with replacement of significant portions of the existing structural frame due to age or inadequacy relative to the current codes. Key components of a successful solution for us are economical sustainability and enhancement of the aesthetic presentation of the building. Renewal and renovation design requires that we combine our technical abilities with the Client’s vision for their property. The success of the final result is determined by how effectively we have rendered that vision and solved the technical problems while respecting the Client’s budget.