All architectural projects, no matter what the size, require some level of planning effort to make sure the building or buildings fit on the property. Musser: Architects, Inc. approaches each design project as necessarily including planning coordination with the appropriate jurisdiction. Building codes and zoning codes, combined with the Client’s program for his property, provide the base parameters from which the ultimate design will evolve. For large undeveloped sites or large sites with existing buildings which are to be renovated and renewed, it is necessary to provide a much more extensive site planning design effort. For larger project sites, Musser: Architects, Inc. works with Clients to provide programming, concept and theme development, coordination with the various private and municipal review agencies, and the master plan design for the ultimate improvement of their property. A master plan involves the process of deciding how to best utilize the land in its ultimate configuration, and requires an intimate understanding and appreciation of the Client’s wishes for their property, coupled with the knowledge of the variety of outside influences and rules that will apply to the overall design effort. The successful design of a master plan for a property requires close coordination with civil and landscape consultants, and constant communication with municipal authorities. Once completed and approved, a master plan provides an excellent road map for the Client which shows all of the intermediate steps along the path to final completion and build out of the property.