About Musser Architects

award winning, full-service architecture and design firm

About Us

MUSSER: ARCHITECTS, INC. is an award winning, full-service architecture and design firm providing a variety of analysis, planning, design and technical services to both private and public Clients.  The firm was created in 1992 by David C. Musser, NCARB.

The services we provide are founded on the premise that our primary goal is to assist our Clients in adding realistic and sustainable value to their property.  At the same time, we seek to satisfy our Clients’ desire for the inclusion of architectural delight and whimsy into the overall design solutions.

We are an enthusiastic group of design professionals who bring a broad range of experience to each project we undertake.  We have experience with a wide variety of building types, including single family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, retail, recreational, institutional and religious.

Available services include original planning and design for new buildings and projects, as well as investigation, design and renovation of existing properties.  Each project is managed, designed and technically supported by a team of architects and engineers specifically assembled to produce that project.  We remain committed to the success of our projects from the first conceptual sketch to the closeout of construction.  We continually involve our Clients in the design process to make sure that the resulting project is as much theirs as ours.

Successful, sustainable design celebrates efficiency, artfully rendered.