Tribeca Apartments

This existing 196 unit apartment project was extensively remodeled. A new access onto Yorba Linda Blvd. was created along with guest parking and an entry promendade.

The exteriors of the units were extensively modified using a steel industrial motif. This included new eyebrow roofs, guard-rails, entry portals and trellises.

A new maintenance building was added to the site. The leasing office was completely remodeled, and the pool area was completely reconfigured and landscaped.

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Landscape Engineer:


Civil Engineer:

Favreau Engineering, Inc.

Interior Design:

Commercial Design Solutions


Fullerton, CA

Structural Engineer:

Jerry Tucker & Associates, Inc.


Musser: Architects, Inc. David C. Musser, Gerry Encarnacion


Summerwood Apartment Partnership

MPE Engineer:

Procedure Engineers


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